GoDaddy is Overpriced – and We are Switching to NameCheap

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GoDaddy is Overpriced – and We are Switching to NameCheap

2016年10月23日 技术或者看起来像技术 2

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog (thanks for that!), you should be familiar with our funny domain name – that is, Domain name are not free, and individuals like me have to purchase it from a name registrar. GoDaddy was one of a few that I knew back to the time when this blog emerged. They offered 99c price (as well as free privacy protection) to many new .com domains as an incentive. Even though I knew the price will raise for renewal, I was still happy with that.

Now then, the domain is going to expire in Jan ’17, and they began to harass me with all the warnings and requests to renew my domain. Despite all that annoyance, I got really mad at GoDaddy when I saw this:

$14.99 a year isn’t too bad, in comparison to NameCheap’s $10.99 or’s $12.99. But, how in the world could Domain Privacy cost $9.99 a year? NameCheap offers it for $2.88, and I’m sure there’re similar prices with other registrarsIt becomes pretty apparent that GoDaddy is ripping off their existing customers, which is really bad a business practice. So we move. We are in the process of transferring our domain name to Namecheap, where it promised for cheaper renewals and no hidden fee. Theoretically the 2-year total at NameCheap would go down to $23.26, more than halved GoDaddy’s offer. You should not notice any interruption in the service.

Again, thanks for be with us in the past two years. The blog would not be possible without the support from my family, my friend, and all of you. Thank you!

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